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  • Circle: How Facebook reinvents L&D

    06 Feb 2020 in Amsterdam

    What would L&D at Facebook look like? How do they develop managers, grow talent and nurture their culture? And, how does the L&D team keep up with such a fast-paced business? Let’s find out, and see what you can learn for your business.
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  • Circle x McKinsey: Leading Agile Transformation

    04 Apr 2019 in Amsterdam

    Transformation is the new normal. Most organizations are looking for different forms that enable innovation, collaboration and growth. Also leaders need to change their mind-set and practices to lead agile transformation successfully.
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  • Future Leadership: Character & Morality

    12 Apr 2018 in Amsterdam

    What distinguishes a virtuoso leader? What characterises their choices and actions? What does this say about our business world, and society at large? And, thus, what should we focus on when developing leaders for the future?
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  • Trends on modern leadership

    26 Jan 2017 in Brussels

    Leadership is a hot topic. What are the main trends? What is hype, and what is fundamental? What are multinationals doing, and new major players like Facebook, Google or Spotify? What are the big research institutes saying? Academic literature? What can we learn?
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  • Google: Behind the Scenes

    11 Jun 2015 in Brussels

    What can you learn from Google? In this Circle, we were provided with an inside view and the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading companies on talent management.
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  • The Million-Dollar Question (B)

    19 Apr 2016 in Brussels

    Join us for this special Circle event to celebrate the launch of CircleRadius. Together with two international top speakers, we ask the million-dollar question: What will happen in the future?
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