Leadership Trends

Leadership trends

Leadership is a hot topic. What are the main trends? What is hype, and what is fundamental? What are multinationals doing, and popular tech-players like Facebook, Google or Spotify? What are the big research institutes saying? Academic literature? What can we learn?

During the Circle, we’ll take two perspectives on trends in leadership thinking:


1. Leadership at leading companies. Stephan Thoma (former Global Director of Learning & Development at Google) will share his views in working with popular tech-players like Facebook, Google, Spotify, Uber and Airbnb.


2. Hype or fundamental. Stan Steverink (CircleRadius) will share his observations in working with major and international companies, and what the big institutes and agencies are saying, such as HBR, Bersin, McKinsey, CEB, etc.

Based on these short introductions and the ‘knowledge in the room’, we will have a joint discussion on the current leadership landscape. As always, there will be lots of time to network in the Circle community.

Please feel free to invite HRD colleagues from your organisation or network.

Looking forward to seeing you 6 June,

Stan Steverink


CircleRadius – NL office

De Ruijterkade 128