Future Leadership: Character & Morality

12 Apr 2018

Future Leadership: Character & Morality

What distinguishes a virtuoso leader? What characterises their choices and actions? What does this say about our business world, and society at large? And, thus, what should we focus on when developing leaders for the future?

The 12th of April the next Circle HRD meeting will take place in Amsterdam looking into ‘Future Leadership: Character & Morality’. Two guests will lead our discussion:


Kelly Garramone will share groundbreaking research on more than a hundred CEOs for the Harvard Business Review article and book Return on Character. She’ll show us hard evidence demonstrating the connection between character, leadership excellence and increased business results.

Kelly will also talk about what leadership character is about, how it is formed, how it creates value, and how that value spreads throughout the organisation.


Thimon de Jong, one of our favourite international business speakers, will introduce his new critical theme for businesses and leaders: Future Morality in a Digital Age.

Thimon’s keynote takes a deep dive into society’s shift towards morality and ethics. Fuelled by rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence, the lines between man and machine get blurred. Meanwhile, the corporate world struggles with the power given to rules, numbers and systems to define what is right. So, where do we go next? How will – and how should – businesses and leaders make decisions? Is this a call for character, or morality?

Based on these introductions, we will have a joint discussion on leadership, character, morality, and developing our future leaders. As always, there will also be time to network with your fellow HRD managers.

14:00 – 17:30

CircleRadius – NL Office (Springhouse), De Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam, tel: +31202103132. Route

Attendance is free. You are also free to invite HRD colleagues from your organisation or network.

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