The Circle is a peer-to-peer community for human resource development managers of large international businesses. We hold a Circle meeting once a year. Today there are more than 150 participating organisations in the Netherlands.

There is an additional sub-community for production, industrial and technical businesses; ‘Circle PIT’. For more information please contact us.

The Circle community and meetings provide the opportunity to:

  • Discuss hot topics and professional concerns

  • Share best practices and job vacancies

  • Learn from speakers and peers on HRD topics

  • Explore innovations together to advance the field

The Circle is recognised for its:

  • Peer-to-peer learning

    Facilitating an informal environment that focuses on the needs of HRD managers.

  • Intercompany learning

    Building on the collective knowledge, experience and innovation of Circle participants.

  • Time for informal exchange

    Interacting with peers rather than a full agenda of one-way presentations.

  • Innovation and future focus

    Advancing the field of human resource development together.

  • International scope

    Taking an international perspective on HRD and hosting Circles in different countries.

  • Free of charge approach

    Removing barriers to participation.


  • Circle: How Facebook reinvents L&D

    06 Feb 2020 in Amsterdam

    What would L&D at Facebook look like? How do they develop managers, grow talent and nurture their culture? And, how does the L&D team keep up with such a fast-paced business? Let’s find out, and see what you can learn for your business.
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  • Circle x McKinsey: Leading Agile Transformation

    04 Apr 2019 in Amsterdam

    Transformation is the new normal. Most organizations are looking for different forms that enable innovation, collaboration and growth. Also leaders need to change their mind-set and practices to lead agile transformation successfully.
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